About Business Protection Group

BPg is a privately owned Australian organisation, established in 2002, headquartered in Melbourne serving national and international clients.

BPg is an organisation that prides itself on having partnered relationships with clients, particularly in the security arena where in many cases BPg staff are the first and last contact point for visitors to client organisations.  We are acutely aware of the responsibility that brings!

We have a very simple business philosophy…

If we take care of our character, our reputation will take care of itself!

We have a great team, highly qualified, internationally experienced and very commercial.
Whilst we work in the area of security and risk (and all their sub sets) we recognise that risk taking is a fundamental trait of most great businesses. We are not here to advise against taking risks…we are here to help clients make ‘risk adjusted’ decisions, protect them from the down side of exposures and work together to maximise opportunities.

Call us to discuss your needs – No matter how straight forward or complicated, big task or small, public knowledge or highly confidential, a hundred missing dollars or a hundred million, one corner shop or a category killing chain, a missing container or missing container ship…we can help you!

Our fees are competitive and we welcome comparison to any industry peers.
Our standards are HIGH and we challenge any to compare!
We are proud of what we do.

Finally, we have never reviewed an organisation’s risk and security treatment strategy that we could not add value to! There are almost always opportunities to reduce cost, improve service, offer better protection or sort out issues that have been lingering for too long.

Our first meeting is always free of cost and obligation. Meet us, see if you like us. *We could solve all your problems!

*sometimes we find problems you didn’t even know you had…sorry about that!