Alarm Monitoring, Mobile Patrols and Alarm Responses

Protecting unattended premises and assets…

Alarm Monitoring

Many organisations use a single supplier to provide the three services specified in this category. The fact is, that is counter intuitive – they each provide an income source to the other. For example, high cost alarm responses are triggered by the alarm monitoring service. False alarms account for the majority of responses so the motivation to remedy faults may be weighed against the income it provides.

Outdated systems of validating mobile patrol visits, lengthy delays between alarm activations and client notification and longer delays between activation and site attendance render many of these services useless from a deterrence and apprehension perspective.

BPg Solution:

Business Protection Group (BPg) represents client’s interests and negotiates separate relationships with different providers of each service. This causes each to focus on managing their single income service as efficiently as possible. For example, false alarms would cause a monitoring centre to make unnecessary notification phone calls and invest time in following up outcomes. Their incentive under this revised model is to have the issue resolved as quickly as possible.

BPg receives productivity reports and is able to review the performance of each provider holding them accountable to KPI’s agreed with the client.

Because of BPg’s multi client leverage, individual clients invariably pay considerably less for these services (including any BPg fee) and receive more efficient and timely service.