Disaster Recovery

Representing client’s interests at times of disruption and chaos…

In the face of a natural disaster or asset loss caused by fire, flood, crime etc, most organisations rely on internal resources to “manage” the event.

Managing a disaster and its subsequent recovery requires deep knowledge of process and available resources on a national scale. Corporations and communities are suffering unprecedented losses from natural disasters and the losses can be catastrophic. The speed and proactive execution of the “first responders” can positively or negatively influence the longer term recovery.

Securing highly sought-after resources and coordinating the vast number of parties involved in major disaster events is a specialized field and allocation of that task to an inexperienced staff member should be avoided wherever possible.

BPg Solution:

Business Protection Group (BPg) has responded to disasters and managed the subsequent recovery of major assets in many locations across Australia. Between 2007 and present, these have culminated in losses of more than $25 million from major fires, floods and serious crime.

The immediate response almost always relies on BPg’s core competencies:

  • Securing the situation.
  • Assessing and neutralizing possible ongoing risks.
  • Liaising with government agencies (Police, Fire, SES, Councils etc).

Once a “scene” is secured and deemed safe, BPg Disaster Specialists become involved. Liaising with insurer’s and their representatives, contractors, consultants and stakeholders, BPg are the representative of the suffering party in an environment where most are involved to gain (legitimately) from the event and/or to minimise their exposure.

Most insurance policies allow for consultants to assist in the recovery of an asset and in many cases BPg fees are recoverable under insurance policies. This can be determined and agreed with clients and insurers before any event occurs. BPg is then “on standby” to represent its clients in times of crisis with rapid deployment capability.