Turning useful information into meaningful intelligence…Intelligence

Organisations often make significant security or risk management investment decisions based on information instead of intelligence.

“Information” is an input. It needs to be contextualized, assessed and validated. Only then is it “Intelligence”. As inputs change (new information), consideration must be given to how that shifts predictions of decreasing or increasing risks and/or threats.

Organisations must ask themselves:

  • What if staff were hostage in a terrorist attack?
  • What if a staff member was gravely ill or the victim of serious crime in a foreign country?
  • Does the organisation know where all staff are deployed internationally?
  • Have staff members been trained to deal with any of the aforementioned issues?
  • How would the organisation react/trade if its off-shore supply chain were closed by force?
  • How would the organisation operate if a major supplier was neutralized without warning?

BPg Solution:

Business Protection Group (BPg) can provide intelligence support and associated incident response, together with training to prepare for and/or deal with all of the aforementioned risks – and more.

With backgrounds in law enforcement, the military and intelligence, operatives are able to gather information, analyze it and provide intelligence outputs to decision makers about the ever changing complexities of doing business in a volatile global environment.