Loss Prevention

Reducing shrinkage caused by external and internal crime and malpractice…loss prevention

People think that loss prevention is all about crime. It isn’t!

Losses occur in many areas of business and are caused by internal and external factors. These include crime, malpractice, error, incompetence, flawed systems and processes and a host of other contributors. An organisation’s Loss Prevention strategy should NOT simply be the application of a security response. Security may have a role to play but it should be proportionate to the losses caused by crime.

A true Loss Prevention strategy is a carefully crafted series of commercial initiatives to reduce the opportunity for losses to occur. With timely flags identifying weaknesses in people, processes or a supply chain, intervention should occur before the loss…this is why it is called Loss Prevention and not Loss Response.

BPg Solution:

Business Protection Group (BPg) are experts in the field of Loss Prevention.

BPg staff have extensive experience in this specialized field working within, and consulting to, leading organisations. These include local businesses, national companies and international fortune 500 corporations in the retail, wholesale, manufacturing, major event, transport and other industries.

BPg conduct detailed assessments of client organisations identifying vulnerabilities. Once identified, BPg advise (and can execute) commercially sound, proportionate and measurable initiatives to reduce losses and deliver bottom line returns.