MissionOur mission is derived from a latin military writing:     Si Vis pacem, para bellum.

Literally translated it means:                    “If you wish for peace, prepare for war”.

At BPg it reminds us of the importance of preparation and the effectiveness of demonstrating a readiness for adversity.

Demonstration of capability is the greatest deterrent to would-be attackers. This applies equally to bullies in the school playground and a country considering war. Targets are selected based on their perceived weaknesses and the attackers belief that they are more powerful or strategic. Our mission is a subtly changed version of the expression articulating the need to show your readiness.

“If you want peace, show that you are prepared for war”.

Every day at BPg we prepare our clients to defend themselves against the array of commercially debilitating attacks which present as crime, malpractice, natural disasters, activism and terrorism. We (as a team) show that we are the best prepared for war (metaphorically speaking) and in so doing deter adversaries.

Where attacks cannot be avoided (risk taking is an integral part of business) we will assist you to have the strategies in place to mitigate the impact, treat the newly exposed vulnerability, recover quickly and help you to carry on with business.