Protecting all that is important to you…Security

Security resources are requested by most clients and deployed by most security providers without properly understanding the realistic threats presented.

There are many standards of Security Officer. From the most basic tasks of guarding an entry to prevent unauthorised access, up to an Officers deployment to protect the life of their principal.

Many security organisations will simply rebadged the same Officers and deploy them according to the task requested by the client (the only thing that changes is the hourly rate). A Security Officer is NOT a Loss Prevention Officer. A Loss Prevention Officer is NOT an Investigator. None of them are necessarily Bodyguards and they are NOT Risk Managers! Each discipline requires an escalation in training, experience, attitude and commitment.

BPg Solution:

Business Protection Group (BPg) will spend time with clients prior to resource deployment to properly asses the threats/risks and understand the different security needs that each dictates. It often transpires that basic uniform security is the appropriate response however that must be confirmed by analysis. If an alternative approach is necessary it is critical that qualified and determined operatives are assigned.

BPg has Officers trained and experienced at every level. These include:

  • Qualified and licensed Security Guards and Crowd Controllers.
  • Loss Prevention Officers with years of retail and commercial experience.
  • Investigators with law enforcement, banking and corporate experience.
  • Close Personal Protection Bodyguards from Police and Military backgrounds with advanced training and international deployment experience.
  • Risk Managers with a combination of many of these skills and more.

Whatever the need, BPg has the team or individual!

BPg has a unique and transparent pricing system.  An “open book policy” that shows clients the total deployment cost of every operative according to their experience. When a client selects the desired level, BPg then applies its modest operating margin, also visible to the client. This process demonstrates to clients that BPg pass on maximum benefit to its staff at no additional “end cost” to the client. This ensures employees are “pick of the crop” and that BPg is an employer of choice as well as a responsible corporate citizen.

BPg is acutely aware that our people are often the first and last impression of your organisation!